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Thread City Productions

Jim Whitehouse founded Thread City Productions in 2021 with Patty Tuite as an independant recording company and label.  Our current artist is Patty Tuite.  In 2021 things quickly took off with a production of Patty Tuite, "Consider This,"  by PAUL NELSON, grammy award winning guitarist and producer.   The release was recorded at the Music Room Studios on Cape Cod.  "Consider This" was on Roots Music Reports charts over a period of five weeks and charted as a top 40 album in the UK under the Independant Blues Broadcasters Association for the month of July 202.


Patty Tuite has also released her second recording on Thread City  Productions entitled Hard Case of The Blues.  Patty again teamed with Paul Nelson and The Music Room recording stuidios on this project.  Released on July 15, 2022 it charted as #21 for Roots Music Report's August 6th reporting week, with a single also charting on the singles charts..


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